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Giomais® is a natural and organic toy that can be used to BUILD, PAINT and DECORATE. It is made of corn starch, colored by nontoxic vegetal pigments.Giomais® stimulate fantasy and manual skills in harmony with nature. Simple to be used! Just soak one piece of sponge, squeeze it well, place one little building block on top slightly moisturized at both sides and then join them together with a small pressure. There is no limit to your fantasy to create fabulous toys.Without glue! Only water needed!     Giomais® is reusable and totally biodegradable! With the same procedure, Giomais® building blocks can be used on paper, cardboard, fabric, wood and so on…..By dipping one building block in water and rubbing it on a white paper you can also draw or paint a sketch.
Giomais® is a didactic toy, patented and  totally made in Italy. It’s  an ecological ,natural and safety  toy made from Mater-Bi™, a 100 %  natural corn starch material that is totally biodegradable and compostable; colored with food coloring. The starch in Giomais® works as a natural adhesive; ones moistened, the pieces will stick together or be adhered to other surfaces like wood, cardboard, paper…
Giomais® products have achieved the strictest certification for safety and quality according to European directive 88/378/EEC for toy safety. Children can play in all security. If a small baby eats a pieces of  Giomais® nothing will happen because it dissolves immediately in the mouth. Giomais® has been acclaimed by safety toy and good toy and has been tested with positive results by children and experts.
Constructions with Giomais® is very simple and funny ….. moisten the brick face down on a damp sponge and a little pressure combine it with another. By repeating the operation you can rein to the imagination creating fabulous animals, cars, flowers etc..
Decorating with Giomais® is very simple and funny….. moisten the brick placing it on a damp sponge and a little pressure attack on one of the designs contained in the Games & Inserts to decorate it. Repeating the operation you can give life and color to the beautiful designs.
Paiting with Giomais® is very simple and funny ….. wet the brick directly in the water and with light pressure  paint  on one of the designs contained in the Games & Inserts. Dissolve  some brick in little water to obtain watercolors  or use it as painting pad.
Repeating the operation you can color the beautiful designs in a safe and natural.

Giomais®helps develop fine motor skills, encourages creative thinking,is educational, is a natural product and is environmentally friendly, aids your childs creative development.

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